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Victor Kiswell
Victor Kiswell at ΠΟΠ, Aris Kouinoglou's vintage record store in Thessaloniki

Victor Kiswell


Victor Kiswell is a man of many facets, each one deeply rooted in a fervent passion for music and vinyl. From a young age, he was immersed in sounds from across the musical spectrum, in turn igniting a love for records, and inspiring an enduring voyage of discovery for forgotten treasures.

This passion soon became his business. He began selling second-hand records to dealers and collectors from his home in his 20’s, and now runs a website offering a large catalogue of finds, including, but not limited to, Bollywood, library music and early electro. His hunt for rarities is chronicled on Vinyl Bazaar, a documentary series that sees him travelling to unexplored locations around the world. More recently he’s been sharing his finds on his monthly NTS show A Kiss In Your Ear, as well as through his contributions to the musical time machine, which he founded with friends in Paris.


Saturday 01 June 2019

Venue: Baobab
Start: 22:00

Free entrance

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