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Sumosui is one of New Zealand’s pre-eminent specialists of tropical music. 20 years in the game, researching, digging and collecting have amassed him an enviable collection of vinyl rarities, and honed his sharp technical skills on the decks. Sumosui has a particular system for the custom sets he builds. Obscure vinyl is unearthed, the key tracks are ingested with a high-grade digitisation process, then edited for dance floor success before a final remaster to boost the necessary dynamics for modern sound systems. While his specialty can be described as tropical music, this might include music from the entire African & Tropical diaspora as well as the African American music history of jazz, funk, disco, boogie and reggae. Highlife meets Disco, Soukouss fused with synthesizers, Shangaan rhythms laced with 80s Hip Hop beats, Cadence laced with funk, Soca spiced with Electro… It goes on. Also don’t be surprised to hear these sound aesthetics spliced with the contemporary sounds of house music, bass, and other electronic variations.

The last 2 years have seen Sumosui’s trajectory lift off on a global scale, seeing him crisscross the globe multiple times, gracing summer festivals, underground club sets, audiophile bars, radio stations and all types of events in 4 continents and dozens of countries.


Live recordings / guest mixes:…/sumosui-at-spiritland-10th…/

Saturday 02 November 2019

Venue: Baobab
Start: 22:00

Free entrance

Sumosui poster
Poster by Robbed Groove