Tania at Waterdrop Festival © Anthony Black

About Polyafrica

Polyafrica is a project inspired and created by Tania Vlachomitrou, a cultural manager, passionate music collector and DJ. Since 2006, she has been DJing in various venues, festivals and events, while involved in many creative projects as a coordinator and production manager. For the past few years, she has been exploring the mingling of groovy sounds and traditional rhythms of Africa, the African Diaspora and beyond, consistently attracted to unique psychedelic sounds based on heavy basslines, distinctive percussions and synth-led tunes, to build her energetic sets. 

A life-changing trip to Tunisia in 2018, triggered her decision to channel some of the musical energy she had taken in during this trip to her hometown (Thessaloniki, Greece). So she started organising the so-called “Polyafrica” sessions: a series of events featuring important guest artists (label owners, DJs, producers, musicians) from abroad who share a love of unknown and unique music traditions from all over the world, focusing mostly on non-western cultures. Some of the artists and labels that have joined Polyafrica so far are: Burnt Friedman & Joao Pais Filipe, Hailu Mergia, Samy Ben Redjeb (Analog Africa), Mark Ernestus (Hard Wax), Julien Lebrun (Hot Casa Records), Deni Shain (Atangana Records), Jannis Stürtz  (Habibi Funk), Umoja, Victor Kiswell and many more.

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